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Menengic – Wild Pistachio Coffee

Menengic – Wild Pistachio Coffee

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Menengiç coffee, which is produced from the Menengiç tree, called pistacia terebinthus in Latin, grows naturally in the mountainous rural areas of the Mediterranean, Southeast Anatolia and Central Anatolia region of Turkey without cultivation. Menengiç, one of the parts of Turkey’s natural vegetation; It may have different names depending on the region.

Menengic coffee is obtained by drying and roasting the fruit of this tree and then cooking it like Turkish coffee. Menengic, which is very useful, can be used for many health problems.


  • Good for shortness of breath
  • Benefit for the vocal cords
  • Opening the airways
  • Reducing abdominal pain
  • Breast softening
  • It helps to shed the sand in the kidneys
  • A working aphrodisiac
  • Cough cut
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