Gaziantep Pistachios

Did you know;

  • Pistachio trees typically start producing around the age of 10,
  • yielding an average of 10 kg per tree
  • can thrive for an impressive 100 to 150 years

Pistachio, known for its beneficial impact on the body's physiology and metabolic functions, is classified as a 'functional food.' Apart from being enjoyed as a snack, pistachios find application as a flavor enhancer in the confectionery and dessert industry, particularly in baklava and chocolate production, as well as in ice cream manufacturing. They are a potent source of energy and hold significant nutritional value.

We use special methods of harvesting

Pistachios originating from Gaziantep have established themselves as among the finest pistachios globally. This exceptional quality is not solely attributed to the distinctive tree variety but also to the harvesting method employed.

Our approach involves gathering the pistachios a month prior to the typical season if the pistachios are to be used for baklava and other sweet indusrty which serves to maintain their small size while intensifying their flavour per unit volume.

For those early harvested pistachios, essential oil and protein content is higher than in September.

3x times more expensive

In the accompanying image, you can observe the contrasting sizes of pistachios harvested at the commencement and conclusion of the season.

Given their threefold reduction in weight, these pistachios command a selling price three times higher than their larger counterparts, making them a sought-after commodity among farmers.